Chang Thai Heritage is a peaceful and secure home for elephant where they are free from abusive work. Set up by a group of elephant Lover and join to work between local people, professional mahout and care by veterinarians, found in june 2015, we rescue elephant a safe, support and survival of elephant living with nature and community, to keep they away from abusive work circus riding.

Chang Thai Heritage is a sustainable tourism project under the principle of care & share by caring for elephant and sharing with the local communities. We would like you come to join our knowledge and experience with Love, respect and care to elephant. You can enjoy a unique experience in our daily care program for elephant.

people with elephant

Help us ensuring the well-being our elephant. There have been a few efforts towards releasing elephant into the wild in Thailand with little success. Domesticated elephant are no longer naturalized to life in the jungle and there is little 'wild' left in them. The tourism industry provides a possible solution.

Plan your trip

Chang Thai Heritage will help you to plan your holiday or your day trip in Chiang Mai by working closely with you, step by step.